The Truth of the Line

An Elizabethan Novel by Melanie V Taylor

  • The Birth of a Princess
  • The Birth of a Princess
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The Birth of a Princess

Elizabeth as a Princess 1546.  Attr. William Scrots

“Hear Ye, Hear Ye:  Today the queen was safely delivered of a Princess!” Imagine the English people waiting in anticipation of the arrival of a prince and future king of England hearing those words and instead they hear of the birth of a Princess.  The birth of Princess Elizabeth must have been an anti-climax.  Little… Read More

Sonnet XXIV – William Shakespeare

Sonnet XXIV - Sir William Russell-Flint

I was asked recently why I used Sonnet XXIV by William Shakespeare at the beginning of The Truth of the Line? Mine eye hath play’d the painter and hath steel’d  Thy beauty’s form in table of my heart;  My body is the frame wherein ’tis held,  And perspective it is the painter’s art.  For through… Read More

26th July 1576 An artistic love match?

Nicholas Hilliard self-portrait

On 26th July 1576 Nicholas Hilliard married the daughter of Robert Brandon, Alice. Hilliard had been apprenticed to the goldsmith Robert Brandon since November 1562, becoming a master goldsmith himself in 1569. Nicholas was born in 1547 to Richard and Laurance Hilliard. His father was a goldsmith and an eminent citizen of Exeter.   When Mary… Read More

Death of Court Artist Levina Teerlinc

Levina Teerling (?) by Nicholas HIlliard

On 23rd June, 1576, Levina Teerlinc (1520 – 1576) died.  Levina was the daughter of the internationally famous Flemish illuminator (more correctly called a limner), Simon Bening, and grand-daughter of Alexander Bening.  In 2002 Alexander & Simon Bening were identified by Eric Drighsdal as the lead painters, together with the Horenbout and David families, of the… Read More

The Story of Women & Art

The Chess Game - Sofonisba Anquissola 1555

The Story of Women & Art has long been banished to archives and basements, or dusty museum corners while their male Great Master counterparts dominate the better lit walls.  On Friday 16th May Professor Amanda Vickery presented the first programme by the BBC into the female gaze taking us from the works by Italian sculptress… Read More

Noli me tangere – Touch me not!

Titian - Noli me tangere.  (1511-12: National Gallery, London)

Noli me tangere – Touch me not are the words spoken by Christ to Mary Magdalene outside the tomb early on the first Easter Sunday.  What artist would not want to portray the event of Christ’s Resurrection?  The drama of that first Easter Sunday has led to some of the most dramatic and theatrical paintings… Read More

A Banquet on board The Golden Hind

The Golden Hind - copyright National Maritime Museum, London

On 4th April, 1581 Francis Drake hosted a banquet on his ship The Golden Hind to celebrate his circumnavigation of the globe and to honour his patrons, principally, Elizabeth I. The ship had set out from England in 1577 named The Pelican, but Drake renamed it The Golden Hind as he rounded The Horn, in… Read More